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When it comes to lawn care companies, you may think they all offer the same service but that’s not necessarily true. A professional lawn care business should do more for you than maximize the visual impact of their best fertilizer and upkeep. Your grass needs to breath, as well. While it’s true most lawns need about an inch of water per week, that amount can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors including how healthy your soil is, how much time you want to spend caring for your lawn and what kinds of pests you are dealing with. You will also want to consider your climate when choosing a lawn care provider because the kinds of grasses that grow in your area tend to change throughout the seasons.

Professional lawn care companies use a variety of tools and chemicals to keep your grass green and beautiful. The first and foremost is an aggressive weed control strategy. You want to remove the weeds from your lawn before they spread across the surface, which takes some diligent work. You might use a commercial product to kill the weeds, or you might simply have a staff of weed eaters go out each day to clear the lawn. You might also hire someone to do periodic inspections of your lawn, especially after it rains.

When you talk to lawn care companies, ask about turf fertilization. This is a highly effective way to make sure your lawn has enough nutrition so that it can grow lushly. Most homeowners do not fertilize their lawns, but lawn fertilization gives your lawn the nutrition it needs. When you apply lawn fertilizer, it penetrates deep into the ground to deliver nutrients that your grass will need to thrive. These nutrients include nitrates, phosphates and calcium. Other chemicals can be added as well, including weed killers, but most experts recommend using natural fertilizers instead.

Proper aeration is important for healthy lawn care companies. Aeration helps keep your soil moist, and it keeps compacting soil so that water and nutrients can better circulate through the roots. In essence, aeration encourages healthy plant growth. If you have a low-quality lawn that you are trying to maintain, you should consider aeration services.

If you do not want to use natural fertilizers, you might consider an organic option for lawn care companies. An organic lawn fertilizer contains all natural ingredients, including manure from animals such as sheep or cows, grass clippings, wood waste, bird and bug parts and other organic matter. However, most experts do not advise against using organic matter for lawns, as some synthetic fertilizers may contain chemicals that could damage your lawn or plants.

Before you get started with your own lawn care companies, you should have a plan. This means you need to sit down and map out your expenses, your start-up budget and your work force. You will also want to determine whether you will use a part-time or a full-time schedule for managing your lawn care business. If you start-up with a limited budget, you might be able to cut corners when it comes to employees. For example, you could limit the number of hours any employee will be working to only those hours they are actually needed.

Organic matter is especially useful for organic lawn care companies that are trying to manage very tough infestations of weeds. A common approach that many lawn care companies use is the application of pre-emergent herbicides. There are several different pre-emergent herbicides on the market, including enders, organics, bentonite and furosemide. These all generally kill weeds by applying a fine spray to the surface of the soil. The pre-emergent herbicides also have the added benefit of being non-toxic, making them safe for people and animals that will be exposed to them.

Many lawn care companies also do regular maintenance of lawns by applying weed killer. Weed killers can be applied to all areas of the lawn; however, they are most effective when used on selected areas. A good weed killer is designed to penetrate the soil and get to the root of the weeds, quickly and efficiently killing them. If your soil is heavily infested with weeds, a good lawn care company might be able to help you with finding and using an effective weed killer.

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